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There are many associated fees that go into buying property that has to be paid: Down Payments, Lender, Title, Appraisal, Taxes, Insurance, Mortgage Payments, Escrow, Agent Commission, and many more.  It’s estimated that breaking even from the associated cost takes three years before appreciation of the property begins to benefit you. However, we will pay all of those costs so you don’t have to, which saves you time, the hassle, and most important money. Our goal is for you to see the immediate potentials that investing in real estate can bring to you.

People often talk about the returns the stock or bond market has provided for a given time period. However, all institutional investors and High Net worth Individuals have a sizable and diverse real estate portfolio. This is because good real estate investment offers higher returns with reduced risks. The stream of cash flows are extremely stable and predictable. Also, real estate is very often used as collateral for loans. Real estate expenses are also tax-deductible which includes renovations, maintenance costs and interest payments of mortgage. An added advantage is that many of the properties qualify for lower capital gains tax brackets than other securities when held for a long period of time.

We are certain that this is a great investment opportunity. However, our team is driven by passion and motivation towards this company. Everyone has a different story and this objective of serving our servicemen is personal for each and every one of them. Our Founder and CEO, John Morgan has a long family legacy of military service. He feels and understands the need of our servicemen for a spacious and safe place they can call home. Every member of our team bears the same level of patriotism towards our nation and they have worked together in synergy to make IzMaCo a success story. 


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