Why IzMaCo


A team with an all-around strategy for creating in-demand jobs and launching start-up businesses that contribute to the community development.


Diverse Portfolio
IzMaCo offers a diverse portfolio of single-family homes that will be concentrated in military communities. Military communities provide a consistent supply of renters that can always be dependable to pay their monthly rent. We are committed to continually prospecting and adding additional small investment opportunities that will yield a superior return, while further reducing the risk profile of the portfolio.

Experienced Management Team
IzMaCo’s team brings in perspectives and ideas that are new, innovative, and fresh. The team comes from many backgrounds that provides the symbiotic thinking that is necessary for new world investment approach. The team’s diverse experience, coupled with the deep industry knowledge and new technologies expertise to execute our pioneering vision.

Network of Investors
IzMaCo will pursue not just a specific group of people, but a diversified network of citizens. We understand that there are many motivations to why people develop their investment strategies. We want to attract the investor that is there to make high returns, as well as those that want to make an impact on this world. We want to attract experienced investors, while providing those that have never had the opportunity to own real estate before.

Many Growth Opportunities
We manage the entire process so you don’t have to! The real estate market is in the trillions of dollars and we see no need to pursue risky opportunities. We will grow in military communities first because that will provide us a strong foundation of reliable occupancy in our homes. No matter the state of the economy, everyone needs shelter, which is why will focus on diversified small properties and not incur the risk of maintaining large commercial buildings.



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