They Serve Our Country. Their Housing Should Serve Them.

Investing in homes that
invest in our troops

Housing is the most basic of human needs. When it’s done well, you don’t think about it. When it’s not, it consumes you, affecting your work, your life and your health. That’s a strain our servicemen and women do not need. Izmaco Investments, LLC,  addresses the need for quality, safe and secure off-base housing, removing the uncertainty and strain. We provide rental properties that serve military families, financed and owned by accredited active and retired military investors.

Izmaco Military Housing Investment Model

Izmaco invests in rental properties in underserved communities that are home to the U.S. military bases using pooled funds. From this pool, homes are purchased and refurbished, then rent them to active duty and retired military families. Management and maintenance are handled by Izmaco, ensuring residents receive top quality attention and services.



Izmaco is veterans giving back, doing good to support those still serving, while growing their wealth portfolio with a solid, dependable investment. Investing with Izmaco creates something good, relies on guaranteed funds, and allows veteran investors to participate in a virtuous act, for virtue’s sake.

The Properties

Building communities one house at a time, Izmaco invests in military families. Izmaco properties are in locations with good schools, near shopping and transportation, situated in desirable neighborhoods, and furnished with the necessary appliances and features. Each property is personally curated to feel like home, even if home is only for a year or three. 

The Izmaco Vision

Community, purpose and foundation without hassle, uncertainty and headaches. Founded by 13-year Marine veteran John Morgan , who served three tours overseas, and came face-to-face with the issues involving both on and off-base housing, Izmaco seeks to address the inadequacies, shortcomings and frustrations encountered by servicemen and women in housing. He understands the needs, issues and support systems required to make housing simple.