Veterans Supporting Active Military Servicemen, Women and Families

Izmaco is a veteran and active service member housing investment fund that serves the off-base housing needs of active service members in the United States Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard.

We’ve served and know the unique challenges encountered by active duty families. We believe housing should serve those who serve. It should be safe, clean, in family friendly neighborhoods, well maintained and community accessible.

The Problem Izmaco Addresses

It’s a hidden epidemic, buried in bureaucracy, greed and assumption. Off-base housing is assumed to be habitable, but often fails even the simplest inspections. Then there is the stress of moving every two to three years, to an unfamiliar city, connecting utilities, school registration, figuring out where things are, all while possibly being deployed or already deployed. 

Anyone who has been in service has either experienced, or knows someone who has experienced, the nightmare surrounding off-base housing. Whether corporate ownership, or individual property owners, military families seeking residence in a new city often run into disimpassioned landlords that do not know, or care, about the unique challenges faced by servicemen and women. Their concern is the bottom line, which means appliances, repairs and fixtures are usually the lowest quality necessary to pass basic inspections, if actually inspected. Often, the local rents in safe neighborhoods are above their monthly housing allocation, or a significant distance from the base. When there is a problem, service families are often caught between the military and the landlord, with both claiming the other is responsible. This leaves families in an endless loop of red tape, and places undue stress on service members. 

No one serving our country should have to deal with this, especially on American soil. 

Investing Military Personnel​

Housing, an essential part of service, plays a key role in making sure our troops are stationed where they are most needed. Military families have specific needs, beyond a roof and four walls. Transferring to a new post should be relatively smooth, and include support, guidance and empathy. Housing should be clean, well-constructed and the move as low stress as possible. The sooner a family gets settled, the faster our service personnel can focus on their job.

Izmaco was created by Marine veteran John Morgan with the aim of providing quality off-base housing, within the budget of rank-based housing allowances, for active service men and women. This investment fund is endowed by active and veteran service members, for the benefit of active service members. This means the properties are chosen and refurbished with the needs of servicemen and women in mind, and that maintenance and support for the tenant families are designed around their needs, not a corporate landlord’s bottom line. When a family needs maintenance, advice on local services or other assistance, they reach someone who understands their needs, empathizes and addresses them. They’re part of a community and part of the Izmaco family. 

For Izmaco investors, veterans or active duty, they see direct results from their investment in real property. Military families are ideal tenants, with a guaranteed source of housing income. Once approved, families can easily move between Izmaco properties, reducing administration costs and risk. Most importantly, investors build their wealth, while supporting those in service. It is a win-win for investors and those actively defending our nation. 

Izmaco supports our active duty service members of the: