Izmaco pools investor funds, allowing you to own a portion of the properties without having to carry a mortgage or the risks. Most real estate investments require an average of three years to recover the costs from an initial investment. By pooling with Izmaco, you’re in the real estate market immediately, with a stake in real property, without the real headaches. 

Homes purchased and offered align with allotted basic housing allowances (BHA), providing a reliable revenue stream for investors. Once accepted into the Izmaco family, active service and veteran renters are pre-approved, making it easy to move between Izmaco properties as their family grows, or their posting changes. This eliminates several risks associated with real estate investing: bad tenants, unpaid rent and vacant properties.

Currently, Izmaco works with accredited military investors. Our investors care about active service members and veterans, and want to support those currently serving. Yes, they want to build personal wealth, but also, they want their investments to support causes, activities and products that align with their values. They demand a source of consistent revenue with accountability and a direct impact. They want to lead by example and do something good for those currently serving our nation. Above all, our investor family wants to ensure that those currently serving are well housed and well cared for. It’s more than the money, it’s about tradition and service. 

Success Story

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Ready to become part of the Izmaco family?

People often talk about the returns the stock or bond market has provided for a given time period. However, all institutional investors and High Net worth Individuals have a sizable and diverse real estate portfolio. This is because good real estate investment offers higher returns with reduced risks. The stream of cash flows are extremely stable and predictable. Also, real estate is very often used as collateral for loans.

Real estate expenses are also tax-deductible which includes renovations, maintenance costs and interest payments of mortgage. An added advantage is that many of the properties qualify for lower capital gains tax brackets than other securities when held for a long period of time.